The Program for Partner Undergraduate Students (PEC-G, in the portuguese acronym) is a cooperation program between Brazil and countries in Africa, Latin America and Caribbean. Its goal is to give young students from these countries an opportunity to undertake their full undergraduate studies at brazilian universities.

To be eligible for the program, it is necessary to fulfill the following requirements:

•    Be a citizen of the developing countries with which Brazil maintains an Educational and Cultural Cooperation Agreement;
•    Possess a High School diploma or equivalent;
•    Be aged between 18 and 25 years old;
•    Have proficiency in Portuguese.

The pre-selection is carried out by the Brazilian Embassy in the candidate’s home country. The evaluation of the students is done based on their High School transcript of records (or equivalent) and on their social/financial situation.
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Should a student be selected to take part in the program, he/she must check the Academic Calendar of UFES and present the following documents at UFES Office of International Affairs two weeks before the beginning of the semester:

•    Letter of Admission in the Program;
•    Declaration of Commitment;
•    Term of Financial Responsibility;
•    Transcript of School Records/ High School Diploma equivalent and Birth Certificate (all documents must be duly sealed and recognized by the Brazilian Embassy);
•    Medical certificate;
•    Passport with a Temporary Student Visa (Type IV);
•    Request for Consular Visa;
•    1 photo (size 3x4) for document.

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