Distance Education (e-learning)

The Nucleus for Open and Distance Education (NEAD) has been transformed into the Secretariat for Distance Education (SEAD). It is the body responsible for promoting educational activities and training, in which the didactical and pedagogical interaction between teaching and learning occurs through the use of information and communication technologies, in virtual environments for learning, and in-class activities in municipal spots for support of the Open University of Brazil (UAB) and other educational environments.

Website: www.neead.ufes.br

Its assignments are:

  • Facilitate the democratization of the access to higher education and professional training, including to students from various social contexts, who (for different reasons) did not have such access;
  • Offer, along with the Open University of Brazil (UAB) and other programs from the Ministry of Education (MEC), quality professional and humanistic education (initial and continuing) to a great number of citizens, so that this university can help solve social inequalities and have an impact on human and social development, at both the individual and social levels;
  • Socialize scientific, artistic and cultural knowledge;
  • Maintain the availability of e-learning courses, in order to meet local and regional demands;
  • Stay in constant contact and agreement with city halls, municipal and state secretariats and the Ministry of Education (MEC), in order to offer e-learning courses of the necessary quality, according to the legislation and rules for offering such courses;
  • Provide consulting services and assistance to the divisions at Ufes, in order to develop and implement projects for e-learning, initial and continuing education, to be offered to the public in general and for teacher education;
  • Encourage professors and researchers at Ufes and provide them with education and technical and material support, for them to produce and publicize the results of their studies and research and to work in teaching projects, whether in face-to-face classes or e-learning;
  • Take part in the Ministry of Education (MEC) programs, and propose and create conditions for virtual learning environments and for the education of academic communities at Ufes, e-learning centers and other educational environments;
  • Monitor the infrastructural, technical and staff-related conditions at e-learning centers, in order to maintain the quality of the educational processes involved in the e-learning system offered by Ufes.


The Secretariat for Distance Education (SEAD) is structured as follows:

  • Secretariat for Distance Education
  • Academic Direction
  • Administrative Secretariat
  • Coordination for Virtual Environments of Learning
  • Coordination of Web-Conferences
  • Academic-Administrative Secretariat of Courses
  • Laboratory for Instructional Design


Secretary for Distance Education: Maria José Campos Rodrigues

Location: University Theater, Ground Floor, Campus Goiabeiras, Vitória/ES.


Address: Av. Fernando Ferrari, 514,Goiabeiras, Vitória/ES. CEP 29.075-910

e-mail: neaad [at] neaad.ufes.br

Site: www.neaad.ufes.br

Phone: +55 27 4009 2208

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