Visas/National Registration of Foreigners

Visa for Foreigners

Foreign students who wish to study at UFES must  contact the Brazilian consular service in their country of origin, in order to obtain their visa.

National Registration of Foreigners (Registro Nacional de Estrangeiros - RNE)

Foreign students accepted for mobility at UFES must contact the nearest Office of the Immigration Service, in no more than 30 (thirty) days after their arrival in Brazil.

More Information the RNE can be found at (in portuguese).

Important: Foreigners born in Portuguese-speaking countries are exempted from registration fees in Polícia Federal (Federal Police), as well as from the visa extension fees, but they do need to pay the fee for the expedition of the National Registration of Foreigners card, according to the decree attached below (in portuguese). Nevertheless, they must regularly check for the validity of such decree.

Transparência Pública
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