Students from all over the world who are interested in applying to take full undergraduate courses in Ufes have to take part in the National Exam for High Scholl (called “Enem”), which  is organized by our MEC - Ministry of Education.
All the exams are held in Portuguese, here in Brazil.

Students from countries in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean which have agreements with Brazil may check the possibility of taking part in the PEC-G program.


Brazilian and foreign students interested in applying for a full undergraduate course at Ufes must take part in a selection process called “Enem”, organized by the Ministry of Education (MEC). All the exams are offered in Brazil, in Portuguese. For more information about it, please visit: (in Portuguese).


Students interested in undergraduate courses have other ways of admission:

  • optional transfer – for students from a different institution who want to finish their course at Ufes;
  • new course – for those who have finished an undergraduate course and want to engage in another course at Ufes;
  • removal – for students from Ufes who want to change campus or daytime in which the course is offered;
  • new option – for students from Ufes who want to change to another course at Ufes;

Vacancies for those transfer options must be available and students must take part in a specific selection process. For more information, please visit:

Foreign students may apply for vacancies through optional transfer or new course.


PEC-G offers the opportunity to accomplish studies in Brazilian Higher Education Institutions to students from developing countries which have educational, cultural and scientific agreements with Brazil. It is handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Department of Educational Issues, and by the Ministry of Education.

The application is free and should be done at Brazilian diplomatic institutions abroad, where the student lives. For more information, please visit:

Student Exchange

Students interested in accomplishing part of their undergraduate studies at Ufes should contact incoming [at] These students may apply for academic subjects in undergraduate courses or develop research activities in laboratories at Ufes – up to 2 academic semesters, which can be extended for 2 more semesters, if the home institution authorizes it or if there is a double degree agreement between the two institutions.

Foreign students should contact the international office at their home institution, which will contact our international office (SRI) for information about applications. Once admitted, SRI will contact the student and ask for the following documents: (1) reference letter from the home institution; (2) reference letter from a professor of the home institution; (3) copy of the transcript of records; (4) study plan for the exchange period; (5) copy of the passport – personal information pages, including expiry date; (6) digital photo .JPG – maximum 50 kbytes. These documents should be sent to the following e-mail address: incoming [at]

Deadlines for application are usually 6 months prior to the beginning of the academic semester. Selected students must also send a copy of the passport with the temporary student visa (type 4) and a copy of the health insurance.


Most courses work on an annual basis. The academic year is divided in 2 semesters – the first one from March to July; the second one from August to December. Each master/doctoral programme defines the calendar for the selection processes, but most programmes organize the selection during the second semester, and start the classes in the following year. The selection calendar, requirements and number of vacancies are shown in public notices, published by the Office for Research and Post Graduate Studies ( and by the programmes in which the courses are offered. Despite some similarities in their guidelines, the rules for applying are different in each programme. Thus, foreign students interested in these courses should contact the International Office (

Foreign students interested in master and doctoral programs can also apply through the Program of Alliances for Education and Training (PAEC-OEA/GCUB). This program is a joint initiative of the General Secretariat from the Organization of American States (SG/OEA) and the Coimbra Group of Brazilian Universities (GCUB), with the objective of promoting the internationalization of post graduate education for students who live in one of the member-states of the Organization of American States (OEA), except Brazil. For information about enrollments, vacancies, courses and scholarships, please visit:

Foreign students interested in developing part of his/her master or doctoral degree courses at Ufes as exchange students or double degree students should contact the international office.

The graduate programmes at Ufes may have different requirements concerning Portuguese language proficiency.

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