It was founded in 1954.

It has four campuses: Goiabeiras and Maruípe, in Vitória; Alegre in Southern Espírito Santo; and São Mateus, in Northern Espírito Santo.

There are 1,700 professors, 1,150 of them with doctoral degrees; 2,200 administrative staff; 22,000 undergraduate students; 3,000 graduate students; and 2,000 e-learning students.

It has a University Hospital – Cassiano Antonio Moraes (Hucam) – with 320 openings and 1,000 professionals. Hucam offers, annually, 10,000 hospitalizations, 6,000 surgeries, 1,500 child deliveries, 2,000 medical appointments, 15,000 urgency and emergency treatments, and 250,000 laboratory tests.

The Integrated System of Libraries at Ufes has eight units spread across the four campuses, with a collection of 440,000 books and 143,000 titles.

It has 105 undergraduate courses, offering 5,000 students admission every year.  

It has 58 master degree courses and 26 doctoral degree courses.

In outreach programs, Ufes develops around 700 projects, serving 4 million people.

The area of the four campuses together is 271,000 square meters (324,000 square yards). 

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