The Office of International Affairs is responsible for the formulation of Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES) internationalization policy and the promotion and expansion of international activities.
It advises the Rector, the University main departments, as well as teaching and research units, in the field of international academic cooperation.

Among its responsibilities, we could mention:
• Promote and consolidate UFES internationalization , as a strategy for institutional growth and the improvement of academic activities;
• Advise all academic units of UFES in the implementation of international cooperation;
• Select, prepare and publish information about programs and initiatives in international cooperation;
• Provide UFES academic community with mobility opportunities;
• Support professors, researchers and students from foreign institutions to develop activities at UFES;
• Encourage the implementation of agreements for research activities in collaboration with foreign institutions;
• Contact the Brazilian Foreign Affairs Ministry, as well as international embassies, consulates, organizations and institutions;
• Promote actions to expand UFES visibility in the international scenario.

The Office of International Affairs is structured as follows:
• Agreements coordination;
• Students and professors mobility coordination (Incoming and Outgoing);
• Literacy (Language Courses and Proficiency Tests);
• Permanent commission of Internationalization.

Head of the Office: Prof. Patricia Alcantara Cardoso, Ph.D.


Administration Unit: internacional [at]

Outgoing mobility Unit: mobilidade.internacional [at]

Incoming mobility Unit: incoming [at]

Agreements Unit: acordos.internacional [at]

Languages Unit: idiomas.internacional [at]

Location: ground floor of the Central Administration building, Campus Goiabeiras, in Vitória (Espírito Santo).

Address: Av. Fernando Ferrari, 514, Campus Goiabeiras – Vitória/ES, Brasil –  CEP 29.075-910

E-mail: internacional [at]
Telephone: +55 27 4009-2046 / +55 27 3145-9205


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