Graduate Courses

Graduate Courses


The Senior Office for Research and Graduate Courses (PRPPG) is the unit at UFES responsible for Master and Doctoral Degrees (stricto sensu) and also for Specialization (lato sensu) courses. Currently, UFES has the following graduate programs:


Center of Arts

Architecture (Master’s degree)

Arts (Master’s degree)

Communication and Territoriality (Master’s degree)


Center of Agricultural Sciences

Food Science and Technology (Master’s degree)

Forest Sciences (Master’s degree)

Veterinary Sciences (Master’s degree)

Chemical Engineering (Master’s degree)

Genetics and Improvement (Master’s degree and PhD)

Plant Production (Master’s degree and PhD)


Center of Health Sciences

Plant Biology (Master’s degree)

Biotechnology (Master’s degree and PhD)

Pharmaceutical Sciences (Master’s degree)

Physiological Sciences (Master’s degree and PhD)

Dental Clinics (Professional Master’s degree)

Infectious Diseases (Master’s degree and PhD)

Nursing (Professional Master’s degree)

Medicine (Master’s degree)

Public Health (Master’s degree)


Center of Exact Sciences

Physics (Master’s degree and PhD)

Mathematics (Master’s degree)

Chemistry (Master’s degree and PhD)


Center of Humanities and Natural Sciences

Biological Sciences [Zoology] (Master’s degree and PhD)

Social Sciences (Master’s degree)

Philosophy (Master’s degree)

Geography (Master’s degree)

History (Master’s degree and PhD)

Languages and Literature (Master’s degree and PhD)

Linguistics (Master’s degree)

Environmental Oceanography (Master’s degree and PhD)

Psychology (Master’s degree and PhD)

Institutional Psychology (Master’s degree)


Center of Legal Sciences and Economics

Administration (Master’s degree and PhD)

Accounting Sciences (Master’s degree)

Law (Master’s degree)

Economics (Master’s degree)

Public Administration (Professional Master’s degree)

Social Policy (Master’s degree and PhD)


Center of Education

Education (Master’s degree and PhD)


Center of Physical Education and Sports

Physical Education (Master’s degree and PhD)


Center of Technology

Environmental Engineering (Master’s degree and PhD)

Civil Engineering (Master’s degree)

Sustainable Development Engineering (Master’s degree)

Electrical Engineering (Master’s degree and PhD)

Mechanical Engineering (Master’s degree)

Informatics (Master’s degree and PhD)


University Center of Northern Espírito Santo

Tropical Agriculture (Master’s degree)

Tropical Biodiversity (Master’s degree)

Teaching in Elementary Education (Master’s degree)

Energy (Master’s degree)









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